Perseverance is located on Draka server. We want only the best from our members and our recruits. You must be active, know your class, know raid content, and study anything you do not know. Ignorance is not tolerated. Perseverance is a deicated raiding guild. And as such we are looking for only dedicated,passonite,skilled players with good aditudes and a willingness to learn content Blizzard has set before us.

We require 75% raid attendence. and raid 4 days a week with 10 mans on off days as we see fit to pull them. Raid days and times are as follows. Tuesday, Wednesday,and Thrusday 6:45pm server to 11pm server. Pull at 6:45pm and raid at 7:00pm.

We use a in depth role system based of Guild raiding status, skill, and attendence.

For more Information please apply and a Officer will contact you. Please do not contact Officers after app. It will take 24-72 hours before we contact in game.